YouTube Adds New Creative Options for Shorts

YouTube Adds New Creative Options for Shorts

YouTube’s rolling out some new features for Shorts, including a bunch of creative options to help customize and expand your Shorts usage.

First off, YouTube’s adding auto layout, initially for Shorts created on Android, which aims to make it easier to convert your longer videos into Shorts clips.

YouTube Shorts updates

Auto layout will track the main subject of your video, essentially narrowing the field of view, which can better optimize your content for the thinner Shorts format. It could be a good way to maximize your content, though results, of course, will vary.

YouTube’s also copying TikTok’s popular text-to-speech option, which provides automated narration on your clips.

YouTube Shorts updates

As per YouTube:

“With Text to Speech, creators will have even more ways to express themselves by having text on your Short narrated or spoken out loud. After you record a Short, add your text and tap the “Add voice” icon in the top left where you can find four voices to choose from.

You’ve no doubt heard these robot voiced clips on other platforms, and now you can create them on YouTube as well.

YouTube’s also rolling out auto-generated captions for Shorts:

YouTube Shorts updates

You’ll also be able to edit, customize, and style your captions with different fonts and colors.

It’s also adding the capacity to remix already remixed Shorts clips, so that you can add your own take on a response.

YouTube Shorts updates

Along a similar line, earlier this week, YouTube also launched an initial test of its “Add Yours” sticker for Shorts, which enables creators to prompt creative response.

YouTube Shorts Add Yours

And finally, YouTube’s also adding two new Minecraft-themed Shorts effects, including a themed mini-game that you can play right in the Shorts player.

YouTube also added an effect for Minecraft’s 15th birthday back in May.

Shorts clips continue to gain traction on YouTube, and are now driving over 70 billion daily views in the app. What’s more, creators are increasingly finding ways to use Shorts in building their broader YouTube presence.

YouTube says that 25% of YPP creators are now earning money through Shorts, and while that would be a lesser amount than they are generating from their longer form clip, it underlines how the format is becoming more embedded in enabling community building and connection in the app.

If you’re looking to maximize your YouTube presence, then Shorts should be a consideration, and these features could play a part in your expanded short-form approach.