Bloons TD6 (BTD6) Update 38 Release Date & more details

Bloons TD6 (BTD6) Update 38 Release Date & more details

Updates are regular changes made by the developers to a game to offer replayability. If a game has been running strong for years, it is likely that updates adding new content and balancing other mechanics are dropped at regular intervals. Bloons Tower Defense 6 is a good example of this, with its loyal fan base waiting for a new update at all times. As you might have known, the game was launched in 2018 and has only improved with each update. With the recent release of Update 37 for the game, players are currently wondering what the upcoming update, Update 38 has to offer. If you are looking for information on the same, consider reading until the end.

As you might already know, Update 37 was released in BTD6 on June 7, 2023. Earlier, we speculated that the 14th of June would be the release date for this update considering that BTD6 will celebrate its 5th anniversary that day; however, the update was released a week before. Anyway, coming back to the topic, we actually do have some information about Update 38 as well. So, keep reading to know when the update is coming out and what it will bring to the world of BTD6.

Bloons TD6 (BTD6) Update 38 Release Date & more details

Bloons TD6 (BTD6) Update 38 Release Date & more details

Before we go over the release date of Update 38 and all of its possible content, let’s slow down and take a look at the changes and other additions that Update 37 has introduced.

Update 37 details

Update 37 introduces exciting new features and content to Bloons TD 6. The highlight of the update is the introduction of the new Paragon, The Magus Perfectus, a strategic wizard monkey with powerful abilities and a unique playstyle. The update also celebrates the game’s 5-year anniversary with special events, including a skinned collection event and quests. Additionally, players can enjoy the new map called Erosion, along with new hero skins, quests, trophy store items, and a new slider for adjusting projectile and effect scaling. The update also includes various bug fixes, balance changes to several towers, and general improvements to enhance the gameplay experience. If you want to know more about Update 37, visit here.

Update 38 details

Now, if you didn’t already know, with the release of the official “Update Notes” post on Reddit featuring the content of Update 37 for BTD6, the developers also shared details on the new content set to be brought forth by the upcoming Update 38. So, what does Update 38 have in store for us? Let’s take a look.

  • Well, the highlight of the update is going to be the introduction of a new boss called Phayze. While no additional hints are given about the boss, it’s sure to add a new layer of strategy.

  • To celebrate the summer season, the update will include a new hero skin for Brickell, giving players a fresh look for their favorite hero.

  • Additionally, a new waterpark-themed map designed for Intermediate difficulty is also scheduled to be released.

  • Update 38 will also introduce new quest-specific features along with new quests to the list. Players can look forward to engaging in quests that offer additional challenges and rewards.

However, that’s not all. As the release date of Update 38 approaches, more information on its content will be shared by the devs. But, when is it going to be released?

Update 38 Release Date (Speculation)

Well, right now, it is simply too early to speculate anything regarding the release date of Update 38 for BTD6. This is obviously because it hasn’t even been a week since Update 37 went live in the game. However, we can predict its release based on the release of previous updates. If you have been playing BTD6 for some time, you might have noticed a pattern in the time gap between each update. Yes, you are right; updates in the game are usually dropped after about 2 months. If this trend is to be followed, then Update 38 for BTD6 may be released sometime during the month of August 2023. But again, this is pure speculation on our part and should be taken with a rather huge heap of salt. For now, all we can do is wait for more information to be shared by the official team.

Anyway, that’s everything about Update 38 for BTD6 and its possible release window. We hope all your doubts have been cleared. For all your gaming-related queries, keep visiting Digistatement regularly.