‘Black Clover’ Chapter 307 Spoilers: Zenon’s Deal With The Devil

‘Black Clover’ Chapter 307 Spoilers: Zenon’s Deal With The Devil


  • Zenon makes a deal with Devil and becomes a host
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 307 is releasing Sunday
  • The chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz

Yuno fires a powerful Spirit of Euros spell at Zenon and it is able to pierce through the latter’s body. Is it game over for Zenon or he has another trick up his sleeve? "Black Clover" Chapter 307 is likely to pick things from where Chapter 306 ends.

The final panel of the last chapter is a cliffhanger as Zenon meets his devil named Beelzebub and strikes a deal.

In the last chapter, Yuno launched his Spirit of Euros spell at Zenon. The enemy was shocked by the incredible speed of the attack that pierced his body. Yuno and Langris declared their victory over Zenon.

The chapter shifted its focus to Zenon’s past. He was seen getting bullied by Dante and Vanica.

However, his oldest brother reminded him that he shouldn’t worry because he had the highest aptitude for being a Devil Host.

Later, Zenon was taking a beating from John, who is the son of a mage from the Mage Defense Force.

John was threatening to slay Zenon but Allen appeared and stopped him.

Seeing Allen, John and his sidekicks ran away. Allen told Zenon he should not lose his heart and that his magic looked way strong.

Allen noted how everybody was on the edge because there was a rebellion going on and the Diamond Kingdom was constantly invading. He shared he wanted to get stronger and protect the people of his kingdom.

He told Zenon he wanted to light the fire of hope in the frozen Spade Kingdom. Zenon was pumped to meet his new friend.

Allen also told him he will become the commander in chief of the Mage Defense Force. Zenon said he too wants to become the commander in chief.

Later, both Allen and Zenon were chosen to be part of Division Four of the Mage Defense Force, with people praising Zenon for his incredible Bone Magic.

Meanwhile, a dungeon appeared to the northwest of the town of Lawton and Division Four was ordered to immediately investigate.

The dungeon had a devil sealed inside of it and Zenon decided to use his ultimate spell to take down the devil.

However, Zenon had to pay a heavy price before he killed the devil. With the Devil, Zenon also had to kill Allen.

"Black Clover" Chapter 307 is scheduled for release Sunday. The chapter will be available online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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