Axie Infinity Economic Balancing update for 2022 released

Axie Infinity Economic Balancing update for 2022 released

Axie Infinity is one of the most unique games in the world from the Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. This game uses  Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which can be used in the game to breed, raise, battle, and trade creatures known as “Axies”.

Recently, the developers of this game have released an Economic Balancing Update and in this article, we will be discussing that what exactly has changed in this game after this update. If you are also a regular player of this game, continue reading this article till the end to find out everything about this new update.

Axie Infinity Economic Update

Axie Infinity Economic Balancing Update 2022

The Economic Balancing Update introduced a lot of things but they also changed some key features that were unexpected and quite shocking for many players around the world. So, despite discussing every minor detail of this update, we will be discussing some key highlights that affected many good players of this game worldwide.

  • The problem that was happening in Axie Infinity for a long time is that it was witnessing a situation of over-minting of SLPs. It happens when the number of minted SLPs is quite larger than that of the Burned SLPs in the game. The over-minting of SLPs happens because the price of SLPs is not stable as it fluctuates on the basis of how many players are purchasing Axies in the game. Therefore, to fix this problem, the MMR of every player has been reset. It is the most shocking news for the players who were doing quite well in this game.

  • Another thing that was mentioned in this update was that the Arena mode of this game will fetch you 40% more SLPs than before.
    Axie Infinity Economic Update

  • Another thing that is changing after this update is the ratios of the incentives that players get in the game. The developers are planning to reduce the adventure and daily rewards and promote the Arena mode in the game. This is quite bad news for the players who do not possess competitive Axies as they cannot perform well in the Arena mode.

  • Also, this game will be witnessing crafting being implemented to it sometime in 2022.

So, these all were the major announcements that every Axie Infinity player must go through. If you are also having any friends who play Axie Infinity, share this piece of news with them.