Angharad Williamson Age Wikipedia, Husband Son and Net Worth

Angharad Williamson Age Wikipedia, Husband Son and Net Worth
How Old Is Angharad Williamson? Learn Everything About The Jay Cole Wife Table of Contents
Angharad Williamson, a middle-aged woman, is the unfortunate mother of a child who was found dead in a river of Bridgend. 
Angharad Williamson was a happy mother until Sunday evening after her son disappeared. 
She and her husband were searching all over the Bridgend but were not able to find him until the child’s dead body was found floating on the river. 
The whole family was devastated by the incident, seeing a 5-year-old child floating on the river.
Even the neighbors of the family were in a deep shock and were scared the same for their child. 
Now Police are investigating the whole case, and the case is closely monitored by many big authorities. 
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How Old Is Angharad Williamson? Age And Wiki
Angharad Williamson’s age seems to be around 30-40 years old. 
She was the mother of two children, and one was from her earlier husband.
Talking about Logan, the child was 5 years old at the time of his death. He was considered the sweetest child in the locality and even had a best friend in the same area. 
Though the mother of Logan’s best friend chooses to be anonymous, she mentions that he was the sweetest child and even was highly intelligent and happy with his family. 
Talking about Angharad, there is little to no information about her on the online platform. 
She was a normal citizen with a happy family, with a wedding approaching into her house, but nothing seems to be worked out with the incident. 
Who Is Angharad Williamson Husband?
Angharad Williamson was not married but was engaged to her fiance Jay Cole. 
Although Williamson was married earlier, she did not reveal her past relationship to the media, and it seems that they might have divorced by now.
All we know is that the last name of Williamson’s first husband was Mwangi. 
Talking about marriage, Williamson and Jay were going to get married soon, and Logan was going to be there at the time of the wedding. 
The couple also had a second son, just last year in February, who is now just a year and a half old.  Two adults and 13-year-old arrested on suspicion of murder following death of five-year-old boy in Wales
— BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) August 2, 2021 Angharad Williamson Son Death: How Did The Child Die?
Logan Williamson’s death has shocked the people of Bridgend, and the whole area is now investigated by the Police.
The reason for Logan’s death is still kept mysterious by the Police, as they don’t want to spread more fear in people.
Many have said that the reason was the Logan drowned. But it doesn’t seem accurate, as Police have arrested three people in this matter, and it is considered murder.
Also, one of the neighbors said that a man was standing just an hour ago before Logan was found dead. So there is likely suspicion rising on that man, who is still yet to be found. 
What Is Angharad Williamson Net Worth? 
Angharad Williamson’s net worth is not yet been revealed.
It was clear that she lived near a very good locality, and that says that she might have a good amount of net worth. 
But as of now, nothing is revealed much except the case, and we might have to wait a little longer to know more about the matter.