Anbernic RG35XX Plus Has a Game Boy-Inspired Design and Plays Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, PSP Games

Anbernic RG35XX Plus Has a Game Boy-Inspired Design and Plays Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, PSP Games

A Game Boy that can run PSP, Nintendo DS, and Sega Dreamcast games would be any millennial’s dream handheld. So Anbernic is delivering just that with its latest device, the RG35XX Plus, which follows up on the popular non-Plus model.

The “Plus” in the RG35XX Plus implies the Game Boy-inspired handheld has a more powerful CPU that enables it to run more demanding retro handhelds and consoles; the RG35XX could only run up to PS1 games (and not always with playable framerates or controls).

In Anbernic’s official debut video for the RG35XX, we can see the handheld running everything from Ridge Racer (PSP), to Metal Slug 7 (Nintendo DS), to Crazy Taxi (Sega Dreamcast).

The PSP version of Riiiiiidge Racer runns pretty well on the Anbernic RG35XX handheld, though the 16:9 aspect ratio is pretty squished.



Anbernic hasn’t released a full spec sheet yet, but the folks at Retro Dodo claim the CPU could be “better than the ATM7039” which is the chipset used in the RG35XX. The site also says the RG35XX might have a 4,500 mAh removable battery.

The RG35XX Plus heavily resembles the design of Anbernic’s first Game Boy knockoff, complete with a D-Pad, a four-button setup, and four back trigger buttons. While we love the classic design, it may be a little rough to play some driving games using a D-Pad. I guess if you want better controls (read: joysticks) for playing 3D games, Anbernic is happy to sell you an RG405V, RG353V/S, or RG351V.

Also, how the heck do you play Nintendo DS games that require a touchscreen for the second screen experience? Based off the video, the two screens are just squished on the display. Presumably, the RG35XX Plus will keep roughly the same 3.5-inch screen size, which is kinda small for dual-screen gaming.

Anbernic says the upgraded handheld will support Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi, which will allow for multiplayer game compatibility. You can even stream PC games to the RG35XX Plus thanks to Anbernic’s Moonlight Streaming feature. Alternatively, you can plug the handheld via HDMI and play on a larger screen. Wireless controllers are also supported.


Anbernic won handheld lovers over with its RG35XX, which was widely available and more affordable than the likes of Analogue’s limited edition runs of its Pocket. It seems like the company now wants to cater to those who expect a little more power with its RG35XX Plus. We’re still not expecting Anbernic’s next handheld to be wildly expensive, but it will likely cost more than the previous $50-60 price tag.

The RG35XX Plus should be a lot easier and more affordable to get your hands on than the Analogue Pocket.


Anbernic will make the RG35XX Plus available in white, retro gray like the OG Game Boy, and transparent black — as it should. The upgraded handheld will be available for order starting at 5 a.m. ET on November 25.

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