Adopt Me: How to get Bees Blaster Cannon?

Adopt Me: How to get Bees Blaster Cannon?

Do you also wonder that how you can get Bees Blaster Cannon in Adopt Me? Continue Reading this article to know more about this topic. Published by Roblox, Adopt Me is a massively played multiplayer game that revolves around Virtual Pets. The players are given the responsibility to raise and take care of the pets virtually. Who does not love pets? This game is specially designed for all age groups. Moreover, in this article, we are going to talk about how you can get the all-new Bees Blaster Cannon. So, here is everything you need to know about it.

Adopt Me: Bees Blaster Cannon

Recently, the Bees Blaster Cannon has been added to the Coffee Shop of Adopt Me. Bees Blaster is the new legendary item and it can be redeemed through a Roblox Promo code. This legendary item has been introduced to the game in collaboration with NERF, the famous Toy Brand. This announcement for the same was made by Adopt Me on their official Twitter account. Bees Blaster is gun-like equipment that releases honey pots that feed your or other players’ pets. If someone launches these honey pots near your pets, they can come up and eat the food. These honey balls are most likely to attract bees. This item is looking like it has been sold out in all the shops but you can pre-order this item to acquire it.

You can not trade or get this item for free. You need to purchase it from either of the stores from Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, and Target. After purchasing this item from the above-mentioned stores, you will be getting a code that you have to redeem to get this item in the game. To redeem this item, go to the coffee shop and Adopt Me and search for the Beer Blaster Cannon Notice. In front of the it, press E and then click on Check Eligibility. Here, enter the code that you got.

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