Adopt Me Christmas 2021 update: Fastest way to earn gingerbread

Adopt Me Christmas 2021 update: Fastest way to earn gingerbread

Adopt Me is one of the popular Roblox games that lets you raise cute animals, build homes, and lets you enjoy the journey with your friends on multiplayer. The game often caters to its community and keeps the game fun and immersive by offering plenty of content that includes limited-time events, brand new legendary pets, and rare items that you can purchase in the game. Gingerbread is one of the currencies in Adopt Me that lets you buy many items, exclusive event-based pets, and many more. Today we’ll be talking about the best ways you can earn Gingerbread in the game.

Fastest way to earn gingerbread in Adopt Me

How to earn Gingerbread in Adopt Me.

The best part about Adopt Me is that the game allows you to earn gingerbread in more than one ways. We’ll help you with how to get them in the fastest and easiest way possible.

First method

To do so, we’ll advise you to teleport to the winter market first as this is important for getting Gingerbread. Once you’ve arrived on winter market, you’ll see two things on the signboard, one is “Pet Rescue” and the other is “Present Shuffle”. Head to Present Shuffle first and start the minigame that you’ll get when talking to Elf Burt. You’ll be prompted with a message to play the present shuffle minigame. Now here’s where you have to pay attention, pick three correct presents each round to get the most amount of candy.

If done right, you’ll get a prompt on your screen saying “Gingerbread has appeared all over the lake! Want to go ice skating and pick them up.” Click on “No”. You’ll get a total of 1200 gingerbread if you pick all of the correct presents. Burt will appear again in 15-16 minutes.

Second method

After you’re done with the minigame, now it’s time to collect the gingerbread while skating on the frozen lake. You can gain a total of 600 gingerbread from collecting all of them. No need to worry about the time limit as gingerbread respawns on the lake every 7-8 minutes. Once you’re done collecting them, head back to two message boards that say “Last Run” and “Recent Times” to collect them. If you’re feeling lucky, you can talk to the penguin nearby and accept his challenge. If you complete the racing challenge, you’ll be rewarded with 300 Gingerbread.

Fastest way to earn gingerbread in Adopt Me

Third method

The third challenge requires players to initiate the pet rescue game. Navigate to the area where the “Pet Rescue” signboard is and start the minigame. The minigame happens every 16-28 minutes or so. After starting it, you’ll be placed to either “Team Mammoth” or the “Team Tiger”.

If you’re on the team mammoth’s side, you need to break the ice that mammoth is trapped in and vice versa. You need to be careful if the ice is moving towards you and if you touch it, you’ll be knocked out. The same goes for Penguins as well as if they touch you, you’ll be knocked out by them too. The faster you break the ice, the more gingerbread you’ll get, although the amount of gingerbread may vary.

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