The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 11, 2024: Hope lets go

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 11, 2024: Hope lets go

Hope lets go of Thomas as Hollis makes a startling discovery in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 11, 2024.  

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We begin today at Forrester Creations, where Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) tells Hope (Annika Noelle) that she is running away from her problems so she doesn’t make the same mistakes Brooke made. 

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is looking at pictures at Eric’s (John McCook) house with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Eric asks if he’s excited about his big day. Eric thinks Thomas looks happier than ever and he can’t wait to welcome Paris to the family. 

Luna (Lisa Yamada) says she’s so thrilled hanging out with her parents. Bill (Don Diamont) asks if she would rather be with RJ, and Poppy (Romy Park) suggests that they invite him next time. Bill says he isn’t RJ’s favorite person but Luna insists he’s happy that Bil is her father. 

Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers) is in the supply room when the lights start flickering. He’s emotional seeing Tom’s backpack. Deacon (Sean Kanan) calls for another case of wine and Hollis looks upset. 

Thomas was thinking about being married by the pool and Eric agrees, noting that he’s got some swim trunks like the ones Ridge wore in the 1980s. Ridge and Eric say that everyone supports his marriage, but he points out that Hope doesn’t. 

Brooke knows that she hasn’t always been a great role model for Hope. She was selfish when she was younger and she did whatever she wanted and didn’t care at all. She knows she hurt people, including her friends, family and children. Hope was in the middle of it and had to deal with the fallout. She apologizes for everything and says that this is why Hope is the woman she is now. Hope is careful to not repeat the same mistakes, and that’s why Brooke needs Hope to see what’s behind her desire to be with Thomas. "Let him go," Brooke pleads. "Just support his engagement to Paris."

Poppy enjoys her first bite of caviar as Bill and Luna watch her. Luna teaches her mother all of the things Bill taught her about caviar. 

Deacon goes to the stockroom to see what the delay is with Hollis. Hollis reluctantly leaves the backpack and grabs the wine. 

Thomas feels bad about putting Hope through everything. He tells Ridge and Eric that after the wedding he’ll be moving back to France with Paris and Douglas, and they understand why he’s returning. 

Brooke tells Hope to be patient. Hope insists that she cares about Thomas. Brooke says that Hope doesn’t need a man to be happy, but Hope reminds her mother of her relationship with Ridge. "You always find a way back to each other," Hope muses. Brooke says that she doesn’t see that kind of connection between Hope and Thomas, and it can’t be Finn "for obvious reasons." When she asks if Hope sees that, she tells Brooke that she’s "not a homewrecker." Brooke hugs her.

Luna (Lisa Yamada) smiles in The Bold and the Beautiful

Lisa Yamada in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Poppy asks Luna about her trip to Spencer Publications. Luna raves about it, but she demurs when Bill says that it makes Forrester Creations pale in comparison. He says she has Spencer blood and the family business is her "birthright."

Deacon is telling Hollis all about the big party coming in later that night but he realizes that Hollis isn’t listening. Hollis reveals that he can’t stop thinking about why Tom overdosed. 

Brooke and Ridge kiss each other in the office. He tells her about his conversation with Thomas while Brooke says she talked to Hope. He’s hoping that she will be okay with the engagement.

Thomas finds Hope in the design office and wants to talk to her. She interrupts him and says that she is sorry for how she’s been acting with him and tells him that he "deserves better" from her. This seems to confuse him. 

Bill tells Luna that he wants "everything that comes with being a Spencer" for her. She thanks him, but he’s the one who’s thankful. He loves the "amazing young woman" that she is and he’s so proud of her. Luna feels the same way. He asks if she still wants him to adopt her and she is absolutely ready. They share a hug, and Luna smiles over at her mother. 

Hollis sneaks back into the stockroom and grabs the backpack. He apologizes to Tom about going through his stuff as the lights flicker. There’s an envelope full of letters in the backpack and after he flips through them he looks startled.

Thomas tells Hope there’s nothing to apologize for. Douglas ran into Hope’s arms and it gave her the wrong impression. Hope says that her feelings have been all over the place but now Thomas knows how she feels about everything, but ultimately she’s trying to let him know that if he wants a future with Paris, then she wishes him the best. 

He tells her that it means a lot to him. He tells her that he’s going back to France. Thomas knows she probably wishes she had more time with Douglas, but she knows his home is there now. Thomas tells her that he’d never try to take their son away from her. She says she loves Douglas so much as tears come to her eyes. Thomas crosses the room and grabs her hand, telling her how hard this is and how he’s moving on. He asks her to pick the right guy when the guys come calling for her, and he asks her to promise him to make it work when she does choose one. He gives her a hug and then leaves her alone and reeling.

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